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Sattva Yoga Class

Yoga class based on kriyas, breath work, mantras, mudras and postures.

Sattva Yoga classes are journeys into wisdom. Each class has an intention and takes you deep into your mind, exploring your self and enliving in you positive qualities such as: determination, will power, love, compassion, steady mind, acceptance, surrender.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is meditation technique based on the breath and aims to bring one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment. Coming from ancient yogic teachings, but made World renowned by Buddhism, this meditation technique can be practiced by anyone, beginner or advanced, being very simple but very effective.

Prenatal Yoga Class

Are you expecting a baby? Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried, do you have back pains, morning sickness, swollen feet and many other changes in your body, mind and life? Prenatal yoga will offer you a safe space to reconnect with yourself and to connect with your baby on a deeper level, a space where you can ground and center so that you can mindfully face the many changes in your life. 

Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurveda means Knowledge of Life or the Science of Living a Healthy Life. Recorded in the Vedas, more than 6000 years ago, Ayurveda is a holistic science which considers all aspects like body, mind, senses and lifestyle.
Knowing your Dosha and what to do to balance it, will improve your health, your mental state and will balance your emotions.

Corporate Yoga

Yoga can fit any environment. In workplaces, yoga practices reduce stress and anxiety, increases focus, improve performance & productivity of employees, increase the level of awareness and mindfulness, improves relations and teamwork, and also, if the physical part is included, it brings benefits such as improved posture, flexibility, digestion, etc.

Yin Yoga Class

Yoga postures are held for long periods of time. Very meditative. Yin yoga contains poses of stillness which are promoting growth, clearing energetic blockages, and enhancing circulation.

Sattva Meditation

Sattva Meditation is a Kriya based meditation technique stemming from Himalayan Tantric lineage. This is a comprehensive, simple and effective technique which consists of breath work, Kriya and mantra. When practiced 25 minutes per day it can benefit all aspects of ones life.

Hatha Yoga Class

An Asanas (postures) focused Yoga Class. Hatha Yoga has numeros benefits for the body and mind: improved strength, flexibility, balance, focus, presence, body awareness, mindfulness, improved digestion, blood circulation and breathing, etc. 

Nutrition Counseling

Food is the fuel of our body. Through a healthy diet and mindful eating our lives can transform. Before popping pills for your problems, try changing your diet! Food can improve problems such as insomnia, head aches, unhealthy body fat, tiredness, cronic fatigue, PMS symptoms. 

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